10 Ways to Express Your Inner Artist in August

by Peaches McCahill

Creativity is a trait that resides in all of us. Here are 10 ways to tap into your imagination and find your inner artist.

1. Create a vision board…


2. Travel whenever you can. Different environments provide new perceptions and a sense of magnitude.


3. Set time aside to daydream.


4. Work on one idea at a time. Dive into a project and let it have your full attention.


5. Buddy up and take an art class with your friends.


6. Be humble and ask for feedback.


7. Write a haiku about your day.


“Take any challenge as a creative opportunity” – Alexandra Watkins 

8. Read. A good book is the best stimulant for your imagination.

9. Pick a new color each week to incorporate into your outfit everyday.

10. Be a patron of the arts in your city.

Peaches McCahill

Peaches McCahill is founder and president of The McCahill Group, a leading provider of health, wellness, beauty and talent solutions, and owner of the new M Power Studio. She has a passion to inspire others with simplistic lifestyle suggestions.


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